Whenever I go on a listing interview, I am invariably asked why the owner would not be better off using one of the large brokerages. In addition, I am asked whether Abrams Coastal has the same access to “foreign buyers” as the big firms.  The foreign buyer argument is a red herring. I represent many foreign buyers, particularly residents of mainland China and Hong Hong.  These buyers generally do not buy homes on Balboa Island or the other beach communities, preferring gated communities in upper Newport, Newport Coast, and Shady Canyon. In addition, these buyers have no more attraction to big firms than smaller ones; they start looking for homes like everyone else on the internet.

Are there other advantages to listing with a mega-firm?  The truth is that a successful sale has nothing to do with the size of the brokerage and has everything to do with the skill of the listing agent.  The best listing agent is the trusted local area expert. As in all other businesses, the devil is in the details and local expert knows the nuances of location, local building ordinances, specialized disclosures, and neighborhood ideosyncracies.The non-local agent is at a huge disadvantage, not only in the knowledge area, but as a matter of convenience.  Over the years, I have watched many non-beach area agents lose sales because they didn’t want to show a home on a weekend because they perceived parking would be difficult. 

 Do big firm agents spend more money on marketing?  Absolutely not.  Agents with big firms are given a budget by their management and once they exceed it, have to go into their own pocket–which they are loathe to do. Broker/owners of small firms report to themselves and they spend whatever is necessary to sell their client’s home.

 Perhaps the most  important quality of a successful listing agent is answering the telephone.  Despite being in a digital world, buyers and sellers like to talk to their agent often during a transaction. My wife says my smart phone is glued to my ear and in a sense she is right. In 17 years in the business, I have missed very few calls and when someone calls me, they get me, not the 15th member of a large team. If you’re thinking of selling your home, call me at 714,325,9055.  I will eagerly take your call.

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