Don’t miss out on one of the best periods ever in real estate. 1998-2006 were fantastic years for local real estate. 2007-2012 were some of the worst.  There were some tough spots during the boom years–from 9/11/01 until 12/11/01, I don’t think my phone rang twice.  Likewise, there were a few bright spots in the Great Recession.  However, for the most part, good and bad real estate periods last for several years before signs indicate a reversal.

Since 2013, the majority of the indicators have been positive and I expect that there will be several strong years ahead.  Right now the inventory in Newport Beach and the Island is very light and prices are within 5% of the 2006 peak with some prices surpassing that.

If you are thinking of selling an Island home, now would be an  excellent time.  There are only 15 homes for sale on the Island. Also, interest rates are extremely low, supporting strong prices in the re-sale market. March through June is usually the Island’s best sales period of the year.  Please call or stop by to get a free, no obligation determination of your home’s market value and salability.  There really is no better time than right now!