A few years ago, a walk-in client asked me to use my attorney skills to draft a contract for the sale of her Balboa  Island home.  She told me she already had two buyers who wanted the home and she just needed contract drafting services.  I asked her to show me the home in question and afterward, asked her if she had $500,000 that she did not need.  To her negative response, I explained that the price she wanted me to write up a contract for was $500,000 less than the home was worth! She then listed the home with me and was very pleased to sell the home for $515,000 more than she originally expected to receive.

Every day I see examples of owners trying to cut out the middleman (the Broker) in an attempt to save the commission on a real estate sale. As above, this can be the most expensive saving one could imagine.  Likewise, I see owners list homes with lesser experienced  friends or acquaintances who offer to sell the home for a  “reduced” commission.  This situation usually leads to a lengthy transaction at a much lower price than the best Broker in the neighborhood would obtain.

The bottom line is that the highly skilled neighborhood Broker will bring top dollar for a home at a price many times greater than any saving in commission.  Further the Broker will make all the required local disclosures that will prevent legal issues from cropping up, sometimes years after the close of a transaction. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home along the coast, let me help you complete the most profitable transaction you can imagine.




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