Dear Don,

Thank you so much for being the best realtor anyone, we, could ask for.  You raise the bar for all realtors!  Amazing how you handled not one but two deals since you were proactive in helping with the close of our Belcourt home.  We love our new home and have an even better feeling about it because you and your team were involved.

Much love and gratitude, D & L. 6/23/2016

Dear Kelli,
First and foremost, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. We are truly grateful.
You took us on after we failed at home bidding attempts without the realtor couple of times and going with you was the best decision we ever made.

Prior to finding our dream home, you took us to few of the listings and always stayed positive about being patient and keeping the search on. After our first offer at “The One” was lost to a cash buyer, you told us it wasn’t over yet and stayed on top of the listing agent diligently and daily until the original offer fell through. Even when we lost all hope, you never did. Not only did you get us our dream home with all the upgrades in this tough seller’s market against multiple higher offers, you got it below list and with all the appliances! Simply amazing.

Then you swiftly turn around and in record time stage, take professional pics and list our place of 13 years. Not only that you sold it over list and before the original close date, you were able to find the buyer (who wasn’t even your client) a solid lender in the last minute after their financing fell through twice before! All of this and still get us to close early?! Once again, simply amazing Kelli.
On top of doing exactly what we hired you to do and batting 100%+, you were always 15-30 minutes early for the appointments, always returning our calls, emails and texts and always having the right answers. Our experience with you has simply been PHENOMENAL.

We appreciate all the effort and professionalism and would welcome calls and inquiries from any of your future and potential clients about our experience with you. We are your clients for life and you and Mr. are always welcome guests of honor in our dream home you got for us.

Sid & Brandie H.
April 2013

Hi Kelli,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with the purchase our new home. This was by far the easiest and smoothest real estate transaction we have ever had. Thanks also for the Tiffany key chain and Fashion Island gift card. I love the key chain! All of your help was very much appreciated and I hope we can work with you again on a Balboa property.
A.D 4/3/2013

Dear Don,

My family has owned 306 Amethyst Avenue on Balboa Island since 1937.  Four generations of our family have enjoyed using this beach house during the past 75 years.  When it became apparent that we would need to sell the beach house to settle my late father’s estate, I realized how important it would be to work with the right Realtor to market and to sell our home for top dollar during a time where real estates sales were uneven.  As background, I am a Bay Area residential real estate broker working with a well-known international real estate company.   I have been doing this since 1986 and I have a very high standard of service I provide my own clients.

In interviewing real estate agents to represent us in the sale of the beach house, I was most impressed with how Don Abrams provided me with a game plan of how he would market and sell our home.  Don has had extensive success in selling Island properties and I can see why Don has the highest market share of home sold.  With the aid of his assistant Kelli Meckel, Don and Kelli followed through with their marketing plan exactly how Don had described it.  With the exposure they gave our beach house, we were able to review multiple offers and selected one which closed in 45 days for more than the asking price.

I would be happy to tell any of Don’s prospective listing clients how satisfied I have been with his services.  I would recommend Don to any homeowner who wants to have a similar successful sale of their home.  He is the best!”

M.T. 1/5/13

Dear Don,

I want to thank you for your expertise in getting the sale of 222 Grand Canal completed in probably record time. When John selected you as his representative there were several good reasons. Your personality and congeniality allowed us to relax as you gave us your presentation. In it we were both struck by the fact that you are MR. BALBOA when it comes to experience, knowledge, and activity on the Island. Your willingness to work hard, extensive legal knowledge, and forth rightness were like setting a fine dining room table , all we needed to do was wait for the gourmet presentation. As it turns out, we were served faster than expectation. You went out and used the good weather and high tide to take truly great photographs before  John even decided to select you. That shows tremendous initiative. You covered the risks and potentials of a quick sell, versus waiting for the primary sales season on the island. We really appreciated your candor and confidence. I will tell you that should you ever need a reference, I will be happy to discuss my experience with you and John’s 2 sales with you.

Besides telling you how much I appreciate your advice, hand holding, and your hard work being sure the painting was coming along, the landscaping improved, the real value was that there were no last moment glitches and the sale helped John and I reduce the stress of worrying about the details. In a word you did “GOOD”.

I thank so much for how fast you completed the sale and guess it proves, the harder you work, the luckier you get.


M.B.  1/05/12

Dear Don,

On behalf of Bill and myself, I would like to say Thank You so very much for helping us in the purchase of our new home.  We have been busy fixing it up an you’ll have to stop over soon and see what we’ve done.

I want to say it was great working with you.  Every step of the way you seemed to know what we were thinking.  From the beginning, with a phone call somewhat out of the blue, you would call as you spotted something in which we might be interested. . . . to the transaction itself.  Throughout, you kept in contact with us and responded to the seller’s agent always promptly and with diplomacy.  We were thankful too of your legal background, being careful what to include and exclude in contracts and correspondence.

This is the fifth home I have bought (over the years) and I must say this transaction went the smoothest –  and not because this one was easy, but because you are the professional you are.  You made it easy for us.

I would gladly recommend working with you to others! And I would surely look forward to working with you again!

Best Regards,



Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this process as smooth and painless as possible.  There is no doubt I under estimated the stress factor – perhaps you did not because you were such a proactive force in seeing everything through to completion.  Di Anne and I would not have had the same positive buying experience with anyone else. . . . you’re the best!

Also – thank you for taking care of the chimney, painter, etc.  With much appreciation,


Dear Don and Office:

Thank you for helping us in the buying of our future home. We are so excited to live on Balboa Island. Also, thank you for the coasters and Balboa Island history book. we’re all enjoying it. Our family are thrilled with our plans of living there. Thanks, R & L

Dear Don and Sue,

We would like to thank you for all your help you have given us.  You have both been great to work with and have always been  extremely fast to answer a question or show us a house.  You are great people and are special to our family.

CSB family

Dear Don and Sue,

Now that our house has closed escrow and we are getting ready to establish our new second home on Balboa Island we want to thank you for all of your efforts to complete both transactions.  We were very pleased to have the limbo period minimized to a couple of months.  We hope the new owners will be as happy as we where.  We look forward to seeing you as we move into our new beach house.

Much Appreciation

HC F family

Dear Don,

Thank you so much for selling my property on Balboa Island.  You were wonderful and organized. Everything was taken care of in such a timely way.  We closed escrow April 2, on our dream property in Malibu.  We have already started renovations.  It’s all very exciting.

[J.C. & J.H.]


Dear Amy, Thank you for all of the years of wonderful rentals. You are amazing to keep all of us ‘renters’ informed and happy. You are a dear person and an asset to Abrams.

Hugs! (MS and Family)

Abrams Coastal Properties made it so easy to have the best trip ever.  The atmosphere of the office is so friendly and welcoming.

Thank you so much for making a great vacation even better.


Best Vacation Ever! The Staff at Abrams Coastal are so very friendly and we can’t wait to come back again next year.

Thank you so much.


Balboa Island is the best place for families. There is something for everyone. We love it here. Can’t wait to return. Abrams Coastal Properties are so very friendly and organized, it makes renting a home so easy.



This was the best week ever. The rental was perfect for our family. We will return next year same time same place.

Thank you!


Abrams Coastal Properties made it so easy to have the best trip ever.  The atmosphere of the office is so friendly and welcoming.

Thank you so much for making a great vacation even better.


Best Vacation Ever! The Staff at Abrams Coastal are so very friendly and we can’t wait to come back again next year. Thank you so much.


Summer Guests 2011

As long time renters on the island, this was a new house for us and everything was wonderful.  The kitchen has everything you need and with four bathrooms it makes it easier for everyone!  The location couldn’t be better – a short walk to the North Bayfront and Mothers Beach.  Amy and Candy were really helpful with a minor garage door glitch.  Can’t wait for our next Balboa family trip.

321 Diamond guests

House was in excellent condition!  It was perfect for our family!

127 Sapphire guests

One of the best vacations our family has ever had.  We were delighted with the house and most of all the view.  The patio was the so fantastic we didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else. BalboaIslandamazed us with the aromas from all the flowers and we loved just walking around.  The house came with bikes and we really enjoyed going out on the Duffy Boat.  This house is made for entertaining and quite the place for  for family bonding.  We hope to come back again and again. We highly recommend 6 CollinsIsland.


We were absolutely thrilled with the house and the location. The views were spectacular and we look forward to returning again.

1206 South Bayfront Guests

A truly lovely home-it embraces our family from near and far for three months in the winter-a far cry from the cold and snowyMidwest. The owners are so willing to help with any problem and the managers from Abrams are terrific. We will rent again next year (our third year). Thank you for sharing your home with us!

321 Diamond Guests

Superb rental.  More like a home. Exceptionally clean and well stocked with everything we needed. We highly recommend thePearlrental.  Amy and Sally from Abrams Properties were fantastic.

225 Pearl Guests

The Abrams’ staff is great. We have used Abrams for our summer rentals for 10 years and the properties are always top notch, as well as Abrams’ service. We are delighted with Don and his team and whether renting or buying, Abrams Coastal Properties is our only call.   MT

Five out of five 300 Grand Canal

Our family has stayed on theIslandmany times but this was our best vacation because we enjoyed this house so much. It was charming, cozy and in spotless condition. Please keep us in mind as we hope to return again next year.

Five out of five 220 Apolena

I’ve been renting summer homes on Balboa for twenty five years.  Since the kids are older I didn’t expect as many of them to come so this was a much smaller unit than I normally rented.  But, wow!  What a great place.  A real find and a great surprise.  Highly recommended.

227.5 Agate Avenue